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We'll call you!


Take advantage of the convenience AND save money with our Prepaid Call Bundles


  • Book your calls in advance and have as many calls as you need until your minutes are used up.

  • We can call you by telephone or WhatsApp OR we can join you on a Zoom Call - whichever is most convenient and practical.

  • We can also make phone calls in Spanish on your behalf and report back to you with the results (all minutes used will be deducted from the total)

  • Save over 20% with Prepaid Call Bundles...


the call bundles:


Just need a quick call?

No problem, Prepay from 5 minutes and still save compared to calling us from a mobile.

Frequent user?


Call Bundles from 60 to 180 minutes.

SAVE over 20% by bulk buying your minutes.

Need even more?

Dive right in with any Call Bundle and book your first call to let us know what you'll be needing - we won't deduct the time for that particular call and we will offer a package price with further savings to help you.

*All Call Bundles have a duration of 30 days from date of purchase, except the 180 minute (3hr) Call Bundle which has a duration of 60 days from date of purchase.

Please contact us within 7 days of the end date if special circumstances have prevented you from using your minutes in time and we will try to be flexible.



phone call service:

We can make a call in Spanish for you and report back with the results.

  • Need to...Call the Doctors or Hospital to check on an appointment time or department?

  • Call the Vet or Dog Groomer to see if you can collect the dog yet?

  • Boiler or Air Conditioning broken so you need to call a technician and then speak with them once they arrive?​​​

  • Call the garage to see if the car is ready, or go through the bill with them once you're there?

  • Call the takeaway and get the order right for once or BE SURE the waiter understands your child's allergy?!

None of this is a problem with CALL BUNDLES!





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